24 months warranty
24 months warranty
24 months warranty


It’s no longer unusual for men to wear jewellery. And magnetic jewellery is also becoming increasingly popular with them. ‘Magnetic Earrings Men’ is one of the most popular categories in the Magnet Shop. ENERGETIX’s bracelets for men in all their variations are also very popular. Here in the shop you’ll also find magnetic necklaces for men in different designs as well as magnetic rings, which in their usually somewhat more substantial styles, perfectly underline the look of the discerning man.


Magnetic jewellery in all its variations

But magnetic jewellery for men doesn’t always have to be ‘typically masculine’. It may also be playful or filigree. A slender magnetic necklace for men, for example, might hardly be any different from one that’s been designed for women. And why shouldn’t a tender memory be expressed in corresponding jewellery creation? As a rule, however, jewellery for men is more striking. Which is particularly evident in the shapes. They are more robust, stronger, more substantial, which probably corresponds to the prevailing ideal of masculinity – but not necessarily of the mentality. The materials and colours also tend towards a clear structure. Technical ornaments meet hard edges; leather repeatedly plays an important role. The flowing transitions, however, become more than apparent where leather is concerned because we all know that leather bracelets are also very popular with women.


Enjoy your trip in the Magnet Shop!

It is certain in any event that the ENERGETIX Magnet Shop offers the appropriate magnetic jewellery for every need, for any character. The only thing that counts anyway is one’s personal individual taste. And the number of fans of exclusive designer jewellery with integrated magnets continues to grow all over the world. Anyone who prefers elements that set off masculine attributes in their search for attractive jewellery will definitely be able to embark on a successful voyage of discovery in this shop.

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