• MagnetWalk! Leather semi-insoles

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MagnetWalk! Leather semi-insoles

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  • Magnet number: 8
  • Magnet strength: 0,12 Tesla
  • Substance: leather, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), latex
  • Colour: red, black, camel
  • Size - footwear: EU 36/37, UK 3-4, US (M) 4-5 (W) 5.5-6.5
  • Colour scheme: shades of black, shades of red, shades of brown
  • ITEM: 3877-1
The high-quality half insole made from natural leather and breathable latex foam with integrated magnets is ideal for making shoes fit better and making them more comfortable. The natural leather binds the moisture and offers highest wearing comfort. The latex foam creates a pleasant cushioning effect for soft walking. It’s possible to cut the tips of the insoles to size so that they may also be worn with open shoes.