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‘Little Crown’ slider and pink children's bracelet

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  • Magnet number: 2
  • Magnet strength: 0,12 Tesla
  • Substance: colour print with lacquer/ silk print, non phthalate PVC, stainless steel
  • Colour: orange, white, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer, red
  • Surface Finish: polished
  • ENERGETIX System: for Kids
  • For whom: For Kids
  • Colour scheme: mixed shades
  • ITEM: S004-1
You'll be making the right choice with this set if you want to surprise your child with a kid's bracelet and matching slider. The magnetic slider impresses with its cute motif of a little crown and butterfly wings. The successful colourful design that uses light pink, light blue, pink and white will make the hearts of little girls beat faster while the polished finish sets off the motif in the best way possible. Like all children's bracelets in our range, this pink-coloured bracelet has been made from stainless steel and PVC. It doesn't contain any magnets.

More information about the individual articles may be found under Article Numbers 2191-1 (slider) and 611-12 (bracelet). The set's individual components may be swapped or combined with all other articles from the same system.